If you have an application that uses an electronic compass, or if you’re designing a product that could benefit from one, the Revolution from True North Technologies could be your heading, pitch, and roll solution. True North Technologies has been designing and manufacturing electronic compasses for the past 25 years, and we have shipped over 40,000 to OEM customers and end-users.

The Revolution Upgrade, Revolution LP, Revolution GS, and Revolution AV+ are our tilt-compensated electronic compasses for applications that are literally all over the map. They have been strapped to remotely operated tanks for target practice (we don’t get too many returns from this customer). They’ve gone caving, swimming, flying, and drilling. They’re part of agricultural sprinklers, ROVs, AUVs, antenna positioning systems, weather buoys, and oil wells. They’re used alone or in a suite of sensors providing very accurate direction and/or pitch and roll information in a wide range of environmental conditions.