Revolution AVThe Revolution AV+ is designed specifically for commercial, industrial and military users requiring high accuracy, repeatability, and low power consumption in dynamic environments. The Revolution AV+ is the newest addition to True North’s family of Revolution electronic compasses that have an unparalleled reputation for quality and performance.

The Revolution AV+ includes a full suite of precision, 3-axis, MEMS rotation rate, acceleration, and magnetic sensors and a dual-axis electrolytic tilt sensor (for the ultimate in near-level accuracy). All 11 sensor measurements are calibrated over a -40° to 105°C temperature range and aligned in three dimensions. In addition to azimuth output, all raw and calibrated measurements are available at up to 27.5 readings per second.

The AV+’s sensor suite consists of the following:

  • 3-axis angular rate gyros
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3-axis magnetometer
  • 2-axis liquid eTilt sensor

True North offers a development kit that includes the compass, cable, and software. The Revolution AV+ is covered by a full one-year warranty for workmanship.

Product Brochure (PDF)

Revolution AV+ Brochure (PDF: 97K / 3 pages)



  • Static Accuracy
    • Azimuth within 0.5° typical (0.1° resolution)
    • Pitch and roll within 0.2°
  • Dynamic Performance
    • Gyro gimbal equations performed in
    • Azimuth within 3° typical, rates < 250°/sec
    • Pitch and roll within 1° typical, rates < 250°/sec
  • Wide Operating Range
    • Ambient temperature -40° to 105°C (-40° to 220°F)
    • ±250°/sec angular rate
    • Total magnetic field (earth + hard-iron) to ±1.5 Gauss
    • ±80° dip angle range
    • Total acceleration field to 1.5g (gravity = 1g)
    • ±90° pitch & ±180° roll range using accelerometers
  • Fast Response
    • Up to 27.5 calibrated measurements per second
    • Wake from standby in 50 msec
  • Single Supply Operation
    • 6 to 45V unregulated DC
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low Power
    • 40 mA operating
    • 10 mA sample
    • 5 mA standby
  • Wide Selection of ASCII or Binary Output data
    • Heading, pitch, and roll
    • Temperature, input voltage, and dip angle
    • Magnetometer X, Y, and Z
    • Total, horizontal, and vertical magnetic
      field strength
    • Raw and conditioned IMU data
  • Two independent serial channels
    • Full-duplex RS-232 for the external RJ12
    • Either RS-232 or full-duplex RS-485 for the internal connector
  • In-System Configuration and Test
    • Laptop can be connected while unit operates in situ
    • Perform hard and soft iron calibration
    • Monitor outputs and change user-definable setting

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