RevolutionThe Revolution Upgrade electronic compass combines a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer and a rugged 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor to provide accurate heading and tilt measurements over a broad range of environmental conditions. The firmware and signal processing algorithms have been refined and improved over three prior generations of electronic compasses to deliver the ultimate in performance from the available sensor data.

An additional key advantage of the Revolution is its quick-connect, external serial interface. While the electronic compass is in-place, and without disconnecting system wiring, a PC or laptop can be connected via the RJ12-style modular receptacle. This allows easy access during installation for calibration and tuning. It also provides a valuable diagnostic port and can be used for an auxiliary read-out when needed. In situations where a fixed installation is not desirable, the RJ12 connection can be used exclusively.

User definable operating parameters include the selection of NMEA output data and update rate; operating mode as continuous or query-only; and angle data in degrees, mils, radians, or 16-bit integer (65536 counts per revolution). Compensation for both hard and soft-iron influences is built in. An on-board, hard-iron calibration procedure can be invoked to capture a set of magnetic vectors and calculate optimized correction coefficients.

True North offers a development kit that includes the compass, cable, and software. The Revolution Upgrade is covered by a full one-year replacement warranty.

Product Brochure (PDF)

Revolution Brochure (PDF: 197K / 2 pages)



  • High Accuracy
    • Heading within 0.5° or better
    • Tilt within 0.3° or better
  • Wide Operating Range
    • ±42° Pitch and Roll
    • ±80° Dip angle range
    • Temperature -40° to 105°C
    • Local Hard Iron to ±1 Gauss
  • Fast Response
    • 27.5 readings per second
    • Wake from standby in 50 msec
  • Single Supply Operation
    • 6 to 25V unregulated DC
  • Low Power
    • 25 mA operating
    • 10 mA sample
    • 2 mA standby
  • Wide Selection of Output data
    • Heading, pitch, and roll
    • Magnetometer X, Y, and Z
    • Dip angle
    • Total, horizontal, and vertical magnetic field strength
    • Horizontal X and Y magnetic field strength
  • Choice of Interface
    • Full-duplex RS-232
    • Full-duplex RS-485
  • In-System Configuration and Test
    • PC or laptop can be connected while unit operates in situ
    • Perform hard and soft iron calibration
    • Monitor outputs and change user-definable settings

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