Revolution GSIf your compass application involves vibration, acceleration, uneven terrain, or rough seas, you will find the True North Revolution GS electronic compass to be an uncompromising solution that will outperform rival products costing considerably more. The GS provides remarkably accurate heading, pitch, and roll in dynamic conditions. It all starts with a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer. Two angular rate gyros independently stabilize pitch and roll. They augment a dual-axis electrolytic tilt sensor that provides precise tilt measurements in static environments. Two sets of independent filters, one set for pitch and one for roll, combine gyro and electrolytic sensor measurements to provide the best available tilt measurements.

The recommended applications for the GS are manned and unmanned vehicles, robotics, weather buoys, antenna positioning, platform stabilization, marine navigation, excavation machinery, and irrigation equipment.

True North offers a development kit that includes the compass, cable, and software. The Revolution GS is covered by a full one-year warranty for workmanship.

Product Brochure (PDF)

Revolution GS Brochure (PDF: 192K / 2 pages)



  • Exceptional Dynamic Performance
    • Heading within 3° typical for rates <  150 °/sec
    • Pitch and roll within 0.3 ° for rates < 150 °/sec
  • High Static Accuracy
    • Heading within 0.5° or better
    • Tilt within 0.2° or better
  • Wide Operating Range
    • ±42° Pitch and Roll
    • ±80° Dip angle range
    • Temperature -40° to 105°C
    • Local Hard Iron to ±1.5 Gauss
  • Precise Calibration
    • Gyros calibrated for offset and gain from -40° to 85° C
    • Rate sensors calibrated and aligned to magnetometer and tilt sensor
    • Cross-axis error nearly eliminated on gyros and magnetometer
  • Fast Response
    • 28 readings per second
    • Wake from standby in 50 msec
  • Single Supply Operation
    • 6 to 25V unregulated DC
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low Power
    • 30 mA operating
    • 10 mA sample
    • 2 mA standby
  • Wide Selection of ASCII or Binary Output data
    • Heading, pitch, and roll
    • Magnetometer X, Y, and Z
    • Temperature, input voltage, and dip angle
    • Output ASCII or Binary
    • Horizontal X and Y magnetic field strength
    • Raw and conditioned gyro data
  • Two independent serial channels
    • Full-duplex RS-232 for the external RJ12
    • Either RS-232 or full-duplex RS-485 for the internal connector
  • In-System Configuration and Test
    • Laptop can be connected while unit operates in situ
    • Perform hard and soft iron calibration
    • Monitor outputs and change user-definable setting

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