Software and Documentation Revision History

The latest version of each item is available in the Downloads section.  The following lists explain the revision history for the electronic compass software and documentation.

Revolution Test and Legacy Software

RevRelease DateReason
5.9107-31-2018- Further improvements to international issues
5.9005-09-2018- Further improvements to international issues
5.8905-07-2018- Improve additional international issues
5.8805-03-2018- Improve international settings
- Minor cosmetic improvements
5.8709-12-2017- Improve GPS Status
- Improve Settings dialog
- Enable Gain Up and Down buttons only if AllowSpecialSettings
5.8407-12-2017- Improve Save/Restore logic
- Adjust minor screen items
- Improve recording of BIN/BNR sentences
- Initialize MaxRatio and MinDiff before magnetic calibration
- Update help
- Create installation with InstallShield
5.7601-17-2017- Improve logging
- Fix bug with limits for several settings
5.7108-23-2016- Show SendHTMonWakeup for Low Power units
- Improve handling of settings values based on appropriate Gyros Installed flags for GS and AV units
5.6907-05-2016- Add support for GPS
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
5.6804-26-2016- Add Save Settings and Load Custom Settings options to Tools menu
-Minor fixes
5.6603-01-2016-Build with Softgroup Net Resize version 8.0
-Improve handling of no comm on startup
5.6302-18-2016-Add option to use both Accelerometer and eTilt for Tilt Sensor (for Firmware Rev 7.25 and greater)
-Fix bugs with recording data
5.6212-16-2015-Upgrade to .NET platform
4.2412-16-2015-Add code signing
-Fix minor bugs
-Add support for dealing with Program Files folder on Windows Vista and greater
4.2312-13-2010-Adjust size of forms to appear better in Windows 7
-Modify installation to offer top-level folder rather than subfolder of Program Files folder so that application works properly on Vista and above
-Fix minor bugs
4.2206-25-2009-Fix minor bugs
-Fix minor issues with application Help
4.2001-24-2008-Add support for improved external magnetic calibration
4.0906-14-2007-Add support for Onboard magnetic calibration (GS only)
-Fix bugs
4.0801-18-2007-Improve application help
-Improve logic for connecting to compass using USB cable
-Correct issues with international settings
-Add restore settings capability
-Add support for low power and extended tilt units
-Fix minor bugs
4.0610-05-2006-Add support for USB cable
4.0204-13-2006-Add support for Revolution GS
3.0110-28-2004-Add Reset Magnetic Calibration function to menu
-Fix minor bugs
2.1409-10-2004-Improve numeric formatting for international settings
-Enhance Magnetic Calibration
-Fix problem with repeated soft-iron calibrations
-Update Help
2.1305-03-2004-Improve error message if port in use when start application
2.1203-10-2004-Add 3D Continuous calibration mode
-Fix bug with Vertical Reference logic
2.1009-03-2003-Improve AutoZero logic
-Improve limit checking for applying values in Settings dialog
2.0908-11-2003-Add support for Revolution 2X
2.0806-18-2003-Fix numerous bugs
2.0401-22-2003-Improve user interface during Vertical Reference data collection
-Update Help
2.0101-06-2003-Add Help
-Make minor improvements
2.0011-15-2002-Initial Release

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TNT Compass Legacy ActiveX Control and Help

RevRelease DateReason
6.8006-25-2009-Minor fixes.
6.2001-24-2008-Add support for improved external magnetic calibration.
5.9906-14-2007-Add Onboard magnetic calibration (GS Only)
5.2201-18-2007-Add fSendHTMonWakeUp.
5.1705-04-2006-Correct problem with capturing PDA run mode data that was introduced when gyro support was added to the ActiveX Control.
5.1604-24-2006-Correct issue with ID_fNoDataToJ2 for Revolution GS.
4.0004-06-2006-Add support for Revolution GS.
3.1009-15-2004-Fix problem with successive soft-iron calibrations.
3.0208-11-2003-Add support for Revolution 2X.
2.1103-28-2003-Adjust Vertical Reference logic to handle Zr Offset properly.

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TNT Revolution User’s Guide

RevRelease DateReason
E02-2018-Miscellaneous updates
D01-2008-Improved external magnetic calibration.
C03-2006-Remove references to PDA.
B03-2003-New J2 Wiring instructions.
A11-2002-Initial release.

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 TNT Revolution GS User’s Guide

RevRelease DateReason
D02-2018-Miscellaneous updates
C01-2008-Improved external magnetic calibration.
B06-2006-Second release.
A05-2006-Initial release.

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