True North Technologies Introduces “low power” Revolution™ LP Electronic Compass for Marine Applications

(Maynard, MA) December 11, 2007 – True North Technologies has announced the introduction of a new low power, extended range version of the Revolution™, a strap-down electronic compass designed specifically for commercial, industrial, and military users.  This new model will be of particular interest to ROV and AUV manufacturers who are concerned with power consumption and accurate heading throughout a wide range of pitch and roll.  In sleep mode, the Revolution LP draws a mere 50 μA and 15 mA in run mode. It provides accurate heading output in less than 200 msec from wakeup. An extended range tilt sensor is available that allows for +/-60° of pitch and roll.

Other aspects of the LP remain unchanged from the original Revolution including its quick-connect, external serial interface.  While the compass is in-place and without disconnecting system wiring, a serial cable or available USB cable can be temporarily connected via the RJ12-style modular receptacle.  This allows easy access during installation for calibration and tuning.  It also provides a valuable diagnostic port and can be used for an auxiliary read-out when needed.

Among the host of user definable parameters is the selection of NMEA output data and update rate; operating mode as continuous or query-only; and angle data in degrees, mils, radians, or 16-bit integer (65536 counts per revolution).  Compensation for both hard and soft iron influences is built-in.

“Adding the LP is an important step forward for our electronic compass product line,” said David E. Pheifer, President of True North Technologies. He added, “this implementation provides two important features: low power consumption and an available extended tilt range.  These new offerings are based on feedback that we received from our marine industry customers, and so far they have been very pleased with the results.“

True North Technologies develops and manufactures products for marine, air, and land-based applications with a concentration in electronic compassing. True North is also a Microchip® Consultant specializing in designs utilizing Microchip Technologies’ PIC 16/17/18 micro-controllers. The company was founded in 1993 and is located in historic Clock Tower Place in Maynard, MA, the original home of Digital Equipment Corporation.